Customer Service: A Lost Art

Most companies claim great customer service and low rates. However, as a consumer, we often find this not to be the case. We’ve all experienced poor service, whether a delayed order at a restaurant, a rude employee at a retailer, or waiting on hold for hours with a service provider. The result of this experience can leave you with a feeling of frustration and regret. After experiencing poor service, that low price has little significance as your only takeaway is the poor service.

Alternatively, when you experience great service, you leave satisfied and the price you paid often becomes secondary.

As business owners, we realize it takes more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing. Which of the above scenarios would your customers express about your business?

Answer the following questions for your business…

  • What percentage of your monthly revenue is allocated of new versus existing clients?
  • How would a typical client rate your customer service from a scale 1-10?
  • Does your relationship vary from clients to employees to vendors?
  • Is your business culture more focused on maintaining or gaining a client?
  • How would your employees rate your company’s level of service?

Answering these questions may offer insight as to your level of customer service. If the results tend to be unfavorable, there are cost-effective steps you can take to improve your results.

Merchant Concepts has been in the service business for over 19 years. We realize that exceptional service is the core reason we have the lowest attrition rate in the industry! We also realize that in order to have exceptional service, there must be buy-in from EVERY employee within the organization. As a consultant in the merchant services industry, we have seen cost-draining customer service practices in almost every merchant category. Great customer service is more than a statement. It’s a mindset woven into the business culture.

Consider Nordstrom. Their customer service culture is legendary, which distinguishes them from other national department store chains. This is not by chance but the result of a carefully and strategically implemented policy. You too can achieve this level of customer satisfaction. But first, you must ask yourself if you’re willing to do what it takes.

If customer service is important to you of if you have any doubt regarding your customer service satisfaction level, contact us at or at for a free industry-specific customer service questionnaire and to see if you qualify for a free in-house consultation.

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Merchant Voices

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  • We have been a happy customer of Merchant Concepts for many years. Bill and his team are always ready to help us with any questions or problems that arise. They provide us with training classes for all of our stores to make sure we are up-to-date with the latest procedures. The very best part of Merchant Concepts is always knowing that they are just a phone call away. We appreciate Merchant Concepts and all they do for us.

    Credit Manager, Appliances

    Credit Manager, Appliances

  • Merchant Concepts has been extremely effective in providing the most relevant technology available. A friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff who furnish us with immediate results when questions arise, cost-saving suggestions and reporting information that allow to make full use of card processing choices, and excellent in-house training and follow through that ensure the most expedient and secure transactions.

    CFO, Designer Fashion

    CFO, Designer Fashion

  • As an auto dealership, we are highly susceptible to increased credit card processing costs. Merchant Concepts not only monitors these charges, but also provides on-site training for our staff to equip them with the tools necessary to process each transaction in the most cost effective manner. In a business climate where customer service seems to be on a constant decline, Merchant Concepts continues to impress with quality service.

    CEO, Auto Dealership Group

    CEO, Auto Dealership Group

  • Merchant Concepts provides the same great service that we strive to give our customers. They designed a payment processing solution that fits our needs perfectly. When we changed our processing methods they kept pace with the transition and complemented our efforts perfectly. I get calls every week advertising low rates, but I trust Merchant Concepts to give us the best service, support and expertise while keeping bottom-line costs down.

    President, Hardware

    President, Hardware

  • Merchant Concepts is everything most credit card processors are not. They are informed, understanding and patient providers of absolutely top-notch service. There is no question that they have increased both the efficiency and profitability of our business, taking the time to understand the nuances of our operation and to tailor the program accordingly. I would strongly encourage any business to consider Merchant Concepts as their partner.

    GM, Fine Dining

    GM, Fine Dining

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